Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) and Drupal Quiz

May 8 2009

The Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) standard is an XML-based data interchange format for test questions. The standard has gone through several revisions, with the QTI 1p2 standard being the most widely implemented. This week, the Drupal Quiz team has begun adding QTI support to Drupal.

My current implementation takes a QTI XML file and extracts the questions. It then attempts to match the question types against existing Quiz question types. Data is imported into Drupal nodes, and the questions immediately show up for addition in new quizzes.

In parallel to my efforts, Sivaji has been developing the Questions Import module, which provides a standard module for importing data into Quiz. Now that I have a working version, we will try to integrate the two together (if Sivaji deems that practical). The result, I hope, will be an improve QTI XML importer.

Next Steps

Once this importer is complete, we will need Quiz users to test against their own QTI files. I have a very small set of QTI files to test, and the "interoperability" part is only good when we can test against multiple implementations. Visit for more information.

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