CMS Expo Presentations

Apr 17 2009

At the end of April, I will be presenting two sessions at the CMS Expo.

Session 1: JavaScript and jQuery

This session will begin with a survey of JavaScript usage. We will then cover jQuery in some detail. From there we will move on to a more general discussion of how CMS systems can benefit from JavaScript integration. The last part of the discussion will discuss some of the new and exciting features in recent browser development, and explore how those are changing the way CMS systems will interact with clients.

Session 2: QueryPath

This session will introduce the QueryPath library. We will see why a library like QueryPath is necessary, what it does, and how it works. I will be showing demonstrations of tools that can be built (quickly) in QueryPath, including Twitter integration, Amazon and SPARQL queries, and a as-of-yet-unveiled mashup featuring an exciting new web service. <!--break-->