Articles tagged 'performance'

  1. XHProf in 30 Seconds: How to get started profiling PHP

    Apr 26
  2. Misplaced Optimization: A story of PHP performance woes

    Apr 25
  3. PHP and curl_multi_exec

    Oct 26
  4. Chaos Monkey and the Coffee Shop: A Quality Emergency Plan

    Aug 1
  5. Connection Sharing with CURL in PHP: How to re-use HTTP connections to knock 70% off REST network time.

    Jun 18
  6. The Best Tool for Web Page Speed Evaluation

    Aug 31
  7. A 53,900% speedup: Nginx, Drupal, and Memcache bring concurrency up and page load time way down

    Mar 22
  8. Streamlining Iterators in QueryPath 3.x

    Dec 1
  9. Iteration Techniques and Performance in QueryPath

    Nov 26

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