Favorite Three iPhone Apps

Jul 7 2009

When it comes to iPhone apps, I am a minimalist: Fewer is better. Other than the preinstalled apps, I have only four applications installed:

  1. Mobile Fotos: Basically a robust Flickr client with lots of features. I like being able to upload photos as I take them. I also like checking out what the Pandas are up to.

  2. iTwitter: For a long time I held off grabbing a Twitter client for the iPhone. Mainly, the ones I saw didn't provide the features I wanted. iTwitter, on the other hand, is quite nice. Multiple accounts, photo support, website support, and saved searches... just what I need to productively waste more time.

  3. Facebook: I hate the FaceBook website. The iPhone app is much more usable. I haven't visited Facebook.com since I downloaded this app.

  4. iRemote: Keynot is pretty. And being able to walk through my slideshow while walking around a room is great. I've used this several times to give large presentations, and it works very well. <!--break-->