Why I am not a big fan of Mollom

Dec 26 2009

Like many people, I spent the last few days away from my computer, spending the holidays with family. Today, when I logged in to post a brief blog entry, I found hundreds upon hundreds of SPAM comments had gotten through the Mollom blocking software that supposedly protects my comments section. I've been battling the comment SPAM for about a month -- it was around November 21 that I realized that Mollom was allowing huge amounts of SPAM through.

Here's my Mollom report from that period of time:

This looks pretty impressive, except for the fact that almost all of the HAM messages were spurious. Of the messages I have received since Dec. 15, only one of the thousands was a legitimate comment.

I've dutifully reported as many of these to Mollom as I can (at some point, I just delete them in bulk). But this has gone on for over a month -- and I wasn't terribly thrilled with Mollom's success rate before. Deleting a few hundred comments a day is not my idea of a good use of time. Any suggestions?