Drupal Dojo: "QueryPath: It's like PHP jQuery in Drupal!"

Aug 16 2010

On August 17th at 12pm EDT (9AM PDT), I will be doing the Drupal Dojo session, "QueryPath: It's like PHP jQuery in Drupal!". To sign up, head over to the webinar signup.

I'm particularly excited about this for three reasons:

  1. Emily will be joining me to talk about her GSoC project.
  2. We will be discussing QueryPath 2.1 and the new Drupal 7 QueryPath module.
  3. The totally gorgeous new QueryPath logo (designed by Michael Mesker) will be unveiled.

This has been an exciting summer for QueryPath, and this webinar will preview many of the QueryPath technologies that are on the cusp of being released. <!--break--> Once the webinar video has been released, I'll post a link to both the recording and the slideshow.

And a huge thanks to eabrand, who has worked diligently over the summer to do some awesome QueryPath and Drupal work. I'm excited to see her demos tomorrow.