Compiling varnishstat, varnishtop, and varnishhist

Aug 26 2010

I noticed recently that on one of my Debian systems, my installation of varnish did not have any of its monitoring utilities installed. /usr/local/bin was missing varnishstat, varnishtop, varnishhist, and varnishsizes.

I re-ran configure and make a couple of times. I couldn't find any errors, yet none of these programs was ever compiled.

After some digging, I discovered that the problem was that I had not installed the -dev package for ncurses, which these varnish tools use for their continuous refreshing. With this discovered, the solution was simple:

# aptitude install libncurses5-dev
# cd varnish-2.1.3/
# make clean && ./configure
# make && make install

This time it compiled all of the extra tools and placed them in /usr/local/bin.