Fortissimo is now run by Masterminds

Jul 7 2012

For a few years I have fostered the development of Fortissimo. Fortissimo is a different kind of PHP framework. Instead of the MVC pattern, it combines the Front Controller pattern with the Chain-of-Command pattern. Like Software Factories, it is based on the idea that developers should focus on strongly interchangeable and re-usable components and provide a DSL that can be used to combine components.

Today I have transferred ownership of Fortissimo from my GitHub account to Masterminds, and organization of which I am a member. <!--break--> Transferring ownership is in part a reflection of the fact that I am no longer the main interested party in Fortissimo. It is now being used for some larger projects, and decision making about the framework's future really ought to be handled by an organization, not just me.

Yesterday, Masterminds also updated the new Fortissimo-Twig project to provide Fortissimo with Twig templates. In the near future, I hope to break out the Fortissimo MongoDB library into a separate project, and we are already working on several other projects.

This is an exciting time for me. Fortissimo and it's Node.js cousin Pronto.js are my favorite projects to work on. I'm so happy to see Fortissimo take this step toward maturity.

Interested in Helping?

If you are interested in getting involved, we have some fun projects. Here are a smattering of opportunities:

  • Bugs and feature requests: Here's an easy one: Help us find and kill bugs by filing a bug report at GitHub.
  • Core Commands: We continue to work on core commands and utilities.
  • Add-on projects: We are trying to build an active library of Fortissimo- extension projects which provide commands to integrate with things like database libraries, components from other frameworks (like Symfony, Zend, and CodeIgniter), and useful libraries.
  • Documentation: We can always use help improving the documentation.
  • Tell us: Tell us about the projects you are using Fortissimo for. Here are some of the things we've built with Fortissimo:
    • A universal log parser and query tool
    • An SEO checker that provides feedback on how a search engine sees a web page
    • A website monitoring tool
    • Multi-function command line utilities
    • A WebDAV server
    • A REST API server
    • And, of course, various and sundry websites

Update: Fixed the link to Fortissimo. Thanks to Damien McKenna for pointing out the broken link. On Saturdays I'm too lazy to check these things.