Pronto 0.3.9 Features

Oct 5 2012

The new pre-1.0 version of Pronto.js has been released. This is the first release of the 0.3 branch.

Pronto is a high-performance asynchronous framework for Node.js.

Here are the big new changes:

  • Pronto.js now has an HTTPS server.
  • The Pronto logger is considerably more sophisticated. While cxt.log("foo", "debug") still works, so does cxt.log("Hi, my name is %s.", "Matt", "debug"). Loggers can also serialize data into Node's inspect format as well as into JSON.
  • The web server no longer parses all POST and PUT data. Now it only parses content that it understands, and that is less than 1M.
  • There is a new BufferedReader readable stream. This should be used any time you need to buffer a stream for more than a tick.

The 0.3 branch is now semi-stable, and so has been released to npm. <!--break-->