Century Link Labs Interview

Jun 18 2014

BIG UPDATE: Century Link Labs posted a text interview (with commentary and summary) to accompany the video.

Last week I had the honor of joining Lucas Carlson for an interview with Century Link Labs. On the show, we talked about the evolution of containers, the recent Docker announcements, how my team uses Drone.IO, and why I no longer think (As I did a year ago) that containers are a passing fad.

Century Link Labs has been diving deeply into the the containerization and virtualization world. Covering topics from the IaaS level to the PaaS level, it's clear that the Lab has a deep in-house understanding of what the future of the cloud is going to look like. I'm very enthusiastic for what we're going to see next out of Century Link Labs.

What I Recanted and Why

In the video, I talked about how I no longer believe that virtual machines are a better choice than containers. At the time I wrote that article, Docker was only a few months old. The market was underdeveloped, and many of the concepts floating around today (about auto configuration, clustering, inter-container communication, security, and so on) were simply not discussed.

I am happy to say that only a year later, the containerization landscape has changed so much that I now see it as having the brightest future. While IaaS has largely solidified, containerization has been the continual target of innovation. And it's clear that Docker's popularity is going to propel even more innovation.

*For more, go check out the article on the Century Link Labs site.