Kubernetes 1.4 AMA Video

Oct 14 2016

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to participate on a CoreOS-hosted "Ask Me Anything" panel. The topic of the panel was the release of Kubernetes 1.4, and the state of the surrounding ecosystem.

I'm a huge fan of Tim Hockin, who has done a ton of the (often thankless) behind-the-scenes work on Kubernetes. It was a pleasure to get a chance to participate on the panel with him, and hear him articulate his perspective on the progress Kubernetes has made.

It was also fun to hear from a few people I don't know as well: Casey Davenport, Dan Gillespie, and George Tankersley. Each brought a different perspective and skillset to the table, as we drifted from networking to security, to ease of use and user experience.

I hope CoreOS does more of these panels, and I hope the community enjoyed it as much as I did.