Articles tagged 'php'

  1. Connection Sharing with CURL in PHP: How to re-use HTTP connections to knock 70% off REST network time.

    Jun 18
  2. QueryPath in Practice: Migrating to Drupal

    May 5
  3. The Architect and the Organism: What Plato and Aristotle have to say about Drupal

    Mar 21
  4. PHP Stream Filters: Compress, transform, and transcode on the fly.

    Feb 28
  5. PHP Mode Strings with Stat (and Stream Wrappers)

    Feb 15
  6. Documenting PHP with Doxygen: The Pros and Cons

    Feb 1
  7. Atoum: A Different Unit Testing Framework for PHP

    Jan 25
  8. Syntax Checking for Drupal in VIM

    Jan 10
  9. Building a Custom Drupal Image for Vagrant

    Dec 6
  10. Is Size Code's Worst Enemy?

    Oct 29
  11. Good PHP: Coding Standards and Why You Should Follow Them

    Oct 29
  12. Node.js: Five Things Every PHP Developer Should Know

    Oct 26
  13. Five Reasons for Doing Drupal Development on a VM

    Oct 26
  14. Microbenchmarking PHP: Switch Statements are Slow

    Aug 18
  15. PhpDocumentor vs. Doxygen: Five Reasons I like Doxygen Better

    Jul 27
  16. PHP Arrays are NOT Arrays

    Jul 26
  17. Drupal Easy, Episode 59

    Jun 7
  18. Drupal Without Functions: A Proposal for D8

    Apr 1
  19. Analyzing Xdebug Trace Files: Tools we use to parse and examine Xdebug trace files

    Mar 16
  20. Slashdot review of Drupal 7 Module Development

    Dec 30

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