Why Brigade Doesn't Do YAML

January 4, 2018

Brigade newcomers often ask me why Brigade doesn't use YAML. Coming from CircleCI, TravisCI, and Kubernetes itself, some developers expect that Brigade should be a "declarative" method of describing a sequence of steps to be run. This is not what Brigade is supposed to be. Brigade is a script execution...

Securing Helm

November 20, 2017

There are four steps you should take if you are running Tiller (Helm's server-side component) in a cluster that has untrusted users or pods. These steps are done at installation time, and will substantially improve Helm's security.

The easiest way to install Tiller is with the helm init command....

Kubernetes Needs to Ditch GitHub

October 7, 2017

The community has outgrown GitHub. And Drupal has a lesson for us. It's time to stop cobbling together a community from a host of free services, and it's time to build our own community.

The Problems

I have been working within the Kubernetes community for a few years now, and have watched it grow...

Make Your CapsLock Hyper

April 29, 2017

A CapsLock key is useless. So make it into something better: A Hyper key.

Back in 2014 I wrote about how I remapped my MacBook's CapsLock key to make it act like CTRL-CMD-SHIFT-OPTION, essentially giving me a new modifier key in the tradition of the old Hyper key.

For the last few years I have benefitted...

How To Create Large Files for Testing

April 18, 2017

Sometimes you need to create a large file for testing. The command line tool dd is an easy way to create large files filled with random data.

I recently found myself needing to test uploading and downloading files of various sizes. So I wanted a quick way to create several files, each of very specific...

Thoughts on the Microsoft Deis Acquisition

April 14, 2017

The Microsoft acquisition of Deis is my second major acquisition in a few years. Not long ago, Revolv was acquired by Google.

Earlier this week, Microsoft and Deis jointly announced the acquisition. Wired ran an interesting story with interviews, while TechCrunch and 20+ others explored Deis' history

GoUtils joins Masterminds

April 7, 2017

I am happy to announce that GoUtils is now part of the Masterminds project on GitHub.

GoUtils implements many of the string utility functions found in Java's Apache Commons. Alex, the lead developer on GoUtils, created the library in 2014. Other Masterminds libraries, notably Sprig have long relied...

If Kubernetes Is Your Home, Helm Is Your Ikea

April 5, 2017

Kubernetes provides a home for all your containerized applications. But how do you get that home furnished with the likes of databases and web apps? That's where Helm comes in. If Kubernetes is your home, Helm is where you get your furniture.

Kubernetes is a home for you apps

Kubernetes takes...

3 GitHub Commandline Tools

April 4, 2017

Sometimes it's nice to work with GitHub from the command line. This post covers three tools for working with GitHub: hub, ghi, and github-release.

Most of the time, when we work with GitHub, we use the main git client. This is great for working with source code, but what about interacting with other...

Command Line Searching with grep, find, and ag

April 3, 2017

There are lots of tools for searching files on the UNIX (macOS, Linux) command line. Which one do you use? Let's look at grep, find, and ag to understand which tool is the best for a particular search job.

Three Search Tools

There are three tools we'll look at here:

  • grep: This tool is for using...