The Alpine Mistake

February 25, 2016

Alpine Linux is the new darling of the containerati. This is no big surprise. I too have bought into the story that Alpine's small footprint makes it the perfect fit for the Docker world. But it's not. Alpine is a short play that puts containerization in danger of losing the long game.

Trailer Homes

My Top 15 For 2015

December 22, 2015

It's been a phenomenal year for technology. The cloud landscape has shifted from VMs to containers. Go has enjoyed a meteoric rise while the venerable PHP has reached version 7. JavaScript continues to surprise us all. IoT seems to have tarnished its reputation. But Android and iOS continue to push...

Configuring Kubernetes on Vagrant

December 15, 2015

One of the most frequent questions I see about setting up Kubernetes is how one can modify the configuration of a Vagrant/VirtualBox cluster. This, for example, is required to set up an insecure Docker registry or to use Kubernetes extensions like DaemonSets.

Running Kubernetes on Vagrant


Why Glide 0.8 Is Our Biggest Release

December 11, 2015

The Go package management ecosystem has been missing something -- something most other language ecosystems have had for a long time. The new version of Glide brings it.

Historically, Go dependency management has shied away from a package management philosophy. Instead, two approaches have been advocated...

What it Really Takes to Build a Container Platform

November 13, 2015

Here is the video of the ContainerDays NYC 2015 session I did entitled "What it Really Takes to Build a Container Platform: 10 Lessons We Learned the Hard Way".

The session covers the Deis project's learning experiences as we've built and re-built our PaaS architecture. I cover some of the encounters...

Five Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer

November 5, 2015

That awkward moment where the interviewer leans forward and says to you, "Do you have any questions for me?" What do you say? Will your question sound dumb? Will your question give you any useful information? And you know you've got another interview right after this one... what if you use up your...

Querying PostgreSQL to Find The Primary Key of a Table

October 26, 2015

Recently I found myself trying to programmatically find out which columns on a database table were acting as the primary key. It turns out that there is a relatively straightforward (and standard!) way of doing this.

Postgres provides the SQL-compliant Information Schema database, which contains...

In Memoriam Jim West

October 16, 2015

The ancient Greek astronomer and philosopher Heraclitus says that the sun, moon, and stars are bowls of fire facing the earth. The soul, too, is made of fire: flickering, flaring, spreading its warmth. It is the animating force simultaneously constant and ever-changing, yearning toward its brethren...

Information Feudalism and the Oath You Swore to Your Printer

October 11, 2015

Welcome to the 9th century. The lord owns the land. The vassals are given permission to farm the land in exchange for fealty, money, products, and services. The oath of fealty binds the vassal to the lord. Feudalism evokes images of castles overlooking European heaths. Small huts dot the landscape...

The Biggest Mistake Job Interviewers Make

October 9, 2015

Over my tenure in the tech industry, I have interviewed probably hundreds of job candidates. From small companies like Palantir and Revolv, to large companies like HP, About.Com, and Google, I've sat on the judging side of the table.

Surprisingly, interviewers (including me) tend to make the same...